Features of PayLand payment service
PayLand is a secure online card payment service for Japanese tourists (internet users). Total transaction payments will be deposited into your bank account every month
Advance online payment helps customers to save time for payments in overseas and reduces your time for collecting payments. It also helps you to efficiently administer monthly transaction payments deposited into your bank account together with a statement.
Seamless online payment in Japanese60% of users answer that they do not make online reservations without an online payment option or choose other websites that do accept online payments.To avoid losing customers, we offer you a seamless payment page in Japanese.PayLand is available in multiple languages.
Lowest level commission fee in the industryThe commission fee of our service is 3.8% to 5.0% (VISA/MASTER). This is the lowest level fee in the industry as an online payment service available in Japanese.Please compare it with other online payment services in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
Online payment available for Japanese mobile phonesPayLand is also available for three major Japanese mobile phone carriers. The system can be introduced together with the system for PC, so no more losing customers.We are an authorized official content provider of the three mobile phone carriers and can fully guarantee security. PayLand accept the rapidly increasing market of smartphone users.
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The commission fee for our service varies depending on the card company that you use.
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