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The importance of e-commerce using websites is growing rapidly. On websites, offering information, as well as evaluating, selecting, and booking goods or services are important, but ultimate payment is the most important issue.
However, in the overseas travel market, there is no payment function in websites of travel destinations. If at all, there is just a link to an English website, and payment procedures in English are not comfortable for Japanese.
PayLand is an innovative program enabling customers to make payments in Japanese, as well as enabling the payments to be deposited into local bank accounts.
PayLand has two types: the Mail Link Type that can be introduced easily, and the Built-in Seamless Type that is highly functional and can be incorporated into your website.
The service is operated server side and corresponds to International Standard PCI DSS so that you can use our services without any concerns.

Advance online payment helps customers to save time for payments in overseas and reduces your time for collecting payments. It also helps you to efficiently administer monthly transaction payments deposited into your bank account together with a statement.

60% of users answer that they do not make online reservations without an online payment option or choose other websites that do accept online payments.To avoid losing customers, we offer you a seamless payment page in Japanese.PayLand is available in multiple languages.

The commission fee of our service is 3.8% to 5.0% (VISA/MASTER). This is the lowest level fee in the industry as an online payment service available in Japanese.Please compare it with other online payment services in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

PayLand is also available for three major Japanese mobile phone carriers. The system can be introduced together with the system for PC, so no more losing customers.We are an authorized official content provider of the three mobile phone carriers and can fully guarantee security. PayLand accept the rapidly increasing market of smartphone users.
The commission fee for our service varies depending on the card company that you use. For further details, please contact us.
Built-in Seamless Type is a service that incorporates an online payment function into your website and allows customers to make payments on your website.
This type provides a highly flexible site structure and establishes the identity of your website, both of which will increase the purchase rate. Moreover, it is totally automated, so that you can save on operational costs and administer sales in real time. The Built-in Seamless Type is appropriate for large and middle scale websites.

Mail Link Type is a service that enables you to send the fixed payment amount to customers by mail after receiving applications of goods or services, and then allows customers to pay the charged payment.
The Mail Link Type is appropriate for small scale, low cost sites or for people who would like to introduce the online payment service immediately. Even if you have no website, you can use this type.

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